JavaScript是HTML和Web的编程语言。 JavaScript很容易学习,俗称JS,现在JavaScript越来越流行,Web应用,桌面应用,手机应用都可以使用JS来构建。


  • npm - npm is the package manager for JavaScript.
  • Bower - A package manager for the web.
  • component - Client package management for building better web applications.
  • spm - Brand new static package manager.
  • jam - A package manager using a browser-focused and RequireJS compatible repository.
  • jspm - Frictionless browser package management.
  • Ender - The no-library library.
  • volo - Create front end projects from templates, add dependencies, and automate the resulting projects.
  • Duo - Next-generation package manager that blends the best ideas from Component, Browserify and Go to make organizing and writing front-end code quick and painless.
  • yarn - Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management.


  • RequireJS - A file and module loader for JavaScript.
  • browserify - Browser-side require() the node.js way.
  • SeaJS - A Module Loader for the Web.
  • HeadJS - The only script in your HEAD.
  • curl - A small, fast, extensible module loader that handles AMD, CommonJS Modules/1.1, CSS, HTML/text, and legacy scripts.
  • lazyload - Tiny, dependency-free async JavaScript and CSS loader.
  • script.js - Asynchronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager.
  • systemjs - AMD, CJS & ES6 spec-compliant module loader.
  • LodJS - Module loader based on AMD.
  • ESL - Module loader browser first, support lazy define and AMD.
  • modulejs - Lightweight JavaScript module system.


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